VHS to DVD Converter

By | November 21, 2009

VHS to DVD Converter Software Review
Do yo have precious moments in your life captured on VHS video tapes? Then it is time to convert VHS to DVD movie. The VHS (Video Home System) cassette tapes were developed during the late 1970s and it is high time that you convert the VHS tapes to DVD or CD to preserve the videos. With new software the VHS to DVD conversion is pretty simple.

  • Software: VHS To DVD 4.0 Deluxe
  • Software Version: Version 4.0
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Software Developer: Honestech Inc.
  • Software Details: VHS To DVD 4.0 Deluxe is a powerful software which is simple to use. This VHS to DVD converter formats the video for DVD players, Blu-ray players and recording devices. It also supports converting HDTV quality video formats including: HDV, VHS, C-VHS, Beta and other video and audio formats to DVD and Blu-ray discs. You can also use this software to create DVD by connecting your video camera on to your PC.
  • Review: Pretty powerful VHS tapes to DVD converter software. The VHS to DVD 4.0 Deluxe VHS to DVD(TM) Deluxe 4.0 includes a USB 2.0 Video Capture Device, a USB cable and software to convert analog video to digital, or reformat digital video, for recording on DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
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