Keyword Revealer

By | February 12, 2016

Keyword Reveler is a browser based Keyword tool. If you are using the google keyword planner tool to find profitable search terms, you should take a look at KeywordRevealer.

So what makes KeywordRevealer better than other keyword tools and software in the market. Three things:

1. It is simple
2. Keyword Difficulty Analysis
3. Cost Effective

I have used other tools like Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis and Longtail Pro. But Keyword Reveler is by far my favorite. Here is why:

Simple and Straightforward

After you sign-up for their service, all you need to do is; go to the Tools menu, select Keyword Tool from the drop down menu. Choose the country you want to target. Enter the base search term and hit submit. It immediately goes to work and with couple of seconds, provides with a long list of keywords and related search terms. And the best part is, you don’t even need a google account.

Keyword tool

The easy to use interface of web based keyword tool, KeywordRevealer.

Unlike products like LongtailPro, you do not need to install anything on your computer. You don’t have to share your adwords account details. In fact you can use it without even signing for google. And no annoying captchas to fill.

Keyword tool interface

Use Filters, click on the headers to sort by search volume, average CPC etc.

Keyword Difficulty. SEO Competition Analysis

Now that you have got your keywords, use the filter options to weed out non-profitable search terms and remove any unwanted words. Click on the download button to save the keyword list on to your computer if that’s what you want. But I urge you to hit the Evaluate button to analyze the seo competition, where things really starts getting interesting.

SEO Difficulty Tool

Google first page results analyzed to estimate keyword difficulty

Inexpensive Keyword Tool

The Keyword Revealer is reasonably priced. I suggest you to sign-up for their free account and test the tool. The free account is limited to searching 3 terms per day. If you like the tool, then upgrade to Pro account paying a low monthly fee. One month subscription should be enough for most people. However if you are an SEO or web developer working on clients sites, then an yearly subscription at 30% discount will save you some money.

Inexpensive keyword tool

Reasonably priced Keyword tool. Try the free keyword tool first.

The pro version gives you access to additional tools like Rank Checker and Keyword Brainstorming tools.
Visit Keywordrevelaer website.