Internet Parental Control

By | May 22, 2008

I haven’t been updating this site for a while now. Mainly because I didn’t have enough time to do detailed software reviews. I am very particular that I won’t post any fake reviews on this site. It takes time to do honest software reviews. Hope you guys and gals can understand.
Couple of days back I went to visit my uncle and his family. During my visit my cousin brother told me that his 13 years old son is spending lot of time on internet. Though he is spending most of the time playing video games online and watching youtube videos, my brother still feels that his son could be browsing adult sites and other non child safe sites on internet. He wanted to know if there are any internet monitoring softwares available to have a parental control over the children’s browsing habits. I knew this is a serious problem and I have to help him.
The first thing I immediately suggested is to use the content advisor option in the internet explorer, where he can set the type of content which can be viewed with the internet explorer. Incase you don’t know, you can go to internet explorer menu, Tools > Internet Options > Content and under “Content Advisor” choose Enable. I also suggested him to use the security option to restrict access to particular sites.
The next thing I suggested him is to get a good quality parental control software since the options set on explorer can be overridden if his kid is really smart. 😉

List of Best Internet Monitoring Softwares

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  • Net Nanny
  • Spector Pro
  • Cyber Sitter Software
  • Kids Watch Internet Monitoring
  • McAfee Parental Control
    • Keep your child safe from the evil web sites by using these internet parental control softwares.