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Keyword Revealer

Keyword Reveler is a browser based Keyword tool. If you are using the google keyword planner tool to find profitable search terms, you should take a look at KeywordRevealer.

So what makes KeywordRevealer better than other keyword tools and software in the market. Three things:

1. It is simple
2. Keyword Difficulty Analysis
3. Cost Effective

I have used other tools like Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis and Longtail Pro. But Keyword Reveler is by far my favorite. Here is why:

Simple and Straightforward

After you sign-up for their service, all you need to do is; go to the Tools menu, select Keyword Tool from the drop down menu. Choose the country you want to target. Enter the base search term and hit submit. It immediately goes to work and with couple of seconds, provides with a long list of keywords and related search terms. And the best part is, you don’t even need a google account.

Keyword tool

The easy to use interface of web based keyword tool, KeywordRevealer.

Unlike products like LongtailPro, you do not need to install anything on your computer. You don’t have to share your adwords account details. In fact you can use it without even signing for google. And no annoying captchas to fill.

Keyword tool interface

Use Filters, click on the headers to sort by search volume, average CPC etc.

Keyword Difficulty. SEO Competition Analysis

Now that you have got your keywords, use the filter options to weed out non-profitable search terms and remove any unwanted words. Click on the download button to save the keyword list on to your computer if that’s what you want. But I urge you to hit the Evaluate button to analyze the seo competition, where things really starts getting interesting.

SEO Difficulty Tool

Google first page results analyzed to estimate keyword difficulty

Inexpensive Keyword Tool

The Keyword Revealer is reasonably priced. I suggest you to sign-up for their free account and test the tool. The free account is limited to searching 3 terms per day. If you like the tool, then upgrade to Pro account paying a low monthly fee. One month subscription should be enough for most people. However if you are an SEO or web developer working on clients sites, then an yearly subscription at 30% discount will save you some money.

Inexpensive keyword tool

Reasonably priced Keyword tool. Try the free keyword tool first.

The pro version gives you access to additional tools like Rank Checker and Keyword Brainstorming tools.
Visit Keywordrevelaer website.

My Review Plugin for WordPress

My Review Plugin is currently the best wordpress review site plugin in the market. The plugin will turn any wordpress blog into an excellent review site in minutes.

So how does My Review Plugin compares with other wordpress review plugins in the market?

  • First of My Review Plugin got more features than any other wordpress review site plugins in the market.
  • Next, the plugin is compatible with any theme. You can auto generate thousands of review comments easily.
  • You can place comparsion table both horizonal and vertical or home page as well as on category pages.
  • The free Linkman plugin will allow you to auto link keywords with affiliate links.
  • Use Importman to import csv data to create a complete review site within minutes.
  • See the complete list of features here…

Download My Review Plugin >>

Christmas Software

Christmas Crafts, Lights & Christmas Card Software
It is time for yet another Christmas. We have witnessed many crisis and events in the year 2009. Christmas a time when we forget all the bad things in life and make merry. How can Christmas software help you to add fun to this years Christmas celebrations? With Christmas Cards, crafts and Christmas lights.

  1. Christmas Card Software
    There is no better software than the Hallmark greeting card software when it comes to creating great looking Christmas cards.
    Download Hallmark Card Software Here.
  2. Christmas Wonderland
    The ScapSmart Christmas wonder land is an all in one solution with which you can to create lovingly hand-crafted Christmas cards, gift tags, labels, sewing projects, Christmas crafts, holiday decor, decoupage, gift bags and Xmas scrapbooks.
    Download Christmas Wonder Land
  3. Christmas Lights Software
    Have you planned for Christmas lights and tree decorations? With Christmas lights planner software you can plan the decorations and see what your home will look like this Xmas holiday season before stepping foot on the ladder with lights. Take a photograph of your house and add all kinds of lights and special effects in the Christmas lights software on the picture of house to visualize the beautiful decorations. You can add your own custom logos and print the Christmas lights design as well.
    Download Christmas Lights Planner Software here.

Dazzle Video Creator Plus

Dazzle Video Editing Software

With Dazzle Video Creator Plus anyone can great looking videos without any prior experience in video editing. All you have to do is simply transfer videos from your camcorder or other source to the PC. Edit the movie with Pinnacle Dazzle video creator plus by adding music backgrounds, transitions and effects which you can chose from the extensive library to create stunning videos. The package includes Dazzle DVC 107 USB video capture device.

Software Details:

  • Software Title : Dazzle Video Creator Plus
  • System Requirements: Windows® XP (SP2 or higher) or Windows Vista (32 bit only)
  • Dazzle Video Creator Plus Review: With the help of the included Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software, you can easily record your videos straight from tape to DVD without first copying them to your hard disc, which is big time saver. If you are new to video editing Dazzle Video creator plus is definitely recommended. More experienced user should check out Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12.
  • Software Deal: Download Dazzle Video Creator Plus at Discount Price here.

Kid Pix Deluxe 4

Drawing Software for Kids

  • Software: Kid Pix Deluxe 4
  • Software Version: Version 2
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
  • Software Developer: Learning Company
  • Software Details: Kid Pix Deluxe 4 is a drawing software for children. If your child is interested in drawing and arts, the Kid Pix Deluxe 4 software would definitely help to fuel his or her creativity and imagination. The software is developed with extensive input from teachers and students and is very easy for kids to use. Kide Pix Deluxe 4 is bilingual with English and Spanish language.
  • Review: Kid Pix is the ultimate creative playground for kids with traditional art tools like chalk, paint, pencil and crayons in the Realistic Paint Mode along with editing tools like eraser, move tool etc.
  • Download Kid Pix Deluxe: Get Kid Pix Deluxe 4 at Discount Deals

Serif Digital Scrapbooking Software

Digital Scrapbook Software Review

  • Software: Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows Vista / XP
  • Software Developer: Serif
  • Software Details: With Serif Digital Scrapbook software you can easily transform your photos and memories into beautiful personal artwork with photo realistic pages. Just select your photos, decorate your page with photos, include photo frames, titles, text and embellishments. Now you can save it, print it and email it.
  • Scrapbook Software Review: Excellent software if you are into digital scrap booking. The software is easy to use and even beginners can create stunning scrapbook.
    Note: Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist software is compatible with the 32-bit version only.
  • Buy Software: Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist Discount Deals

Final Cut Express 4

Video Editing Software for Mac

  • Software: Final Cut Express
  • Software Version: 4
  • Platform: Apple Mac OS X
  • Software Developer: Apple Inc
  • Software Details: Final Cut Pro video editing software is used by large number of professionals including independent film makers. Like the most Mac applications developed by Apple, Final Cut Pro works incredibly well with tons of features but is expensive compared to windows video editing software programs. The Final Cut Express software is consumer version of Final Cut Pro for home users. The Final Cut Express 4 got everything a home user needs to capture and edit the videos.
  • Final Cut Express Review: If you are a home user on Mac; I highly suggest you to get Final Cut Express 4 which we found a very good deal now.
  • Buy Software: Final Cut Express Discount Deals

H&R Block Taxcut

How are you going to prepare the tax return for this year? Here is the H & R Block taxcut software which can do this task easily.

  • Name of the Software: H&R Block Taxcut at Home Delux
  • Software Version: 2009 Deluxe Federal + State + eFile
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
  • Software Developer: HR Block
  • Software Details: The all new H&R Block at Home 2009 (previously TaxCut) Deluxe Federal + State + eFile is an excellent software to calculate tax at home, prepare returns and file them. H&R Block at Home Deluxe contains all the features you need to easily complete your federal and state taxes, plus five free federal e-files. H&R block also offers guidance for reporting investments, home sales, dividends and retirement income which will save you money.
  • H&R Block Taxcut Review: To be honest I haven’t used this software yet since the software is brand new in the market I haven’t got a copy of the software to test. However I have used Taxcut which is a good product. The HR Block deluxe 2009 allows you to import data from TaxCut, TurboTax, Quicken and other third party tax software.
  • Buy Software: Discount Deals for H&R Deluxe Taxcut Software…

Micro Niche Finder

Few years back it was easy to find a profitable niche and build a good website around it. But the competition these days are insane. The primary reason is that it is much easier to build a website now. Thanks to the simple website builders, blogger and wordpress. Also with tons of click bank products teaching newbies on how to make website and make money with affiliate programs and adsense, every newbie is building a website on the popular niche. Does this mean that we can’t find profitable niches any more? Not at all.
There are thousands of small niches or micro niches which are really profitable. But you can’t find them freely because the obvious ones are already saturated. This means you need tools to digg more and find the golden niches. That’s where Micro Niche Finder works its magic. I am not going to write a long Micro Niche Finder review and get you bored. Instead I urge you to get this amazingly simple, yet powerful software to uncover secret niches which hidden. See how micro niche finder works and decide yourself.

MacSpeech Dictate

Voice Recognition Software for Mac
After I posted about Dragon Natural Speaking which is the best voice recognition software for windows, many Mac users asked if I could suggest a similar software for Apple mac users. So here is a quick review of Mac Speech Dictate software.

  • Software Name: MacSpeech Dictate
  • Platform: Mac OS X Intel
  • Software Developers: MacSpeech, Inc.
    Salem, NH 03079. USA.
  • Listed Price: $199.99 (See the deals below)
  • Software Details: MacSpeech Dictate which is exclusively developed for Macintosh platform is an easy use desktop speech recognition software. The creators of the Mac Speech claims that the software performs with excellent accuracy. The software is able to recognize 13 English language variations, nine with U.S. spelling and four with U.K. spelling which is amazing. MacSpeech Dictate is compatible with all the Mac programs and third party software like Adobe Photoshop and even Microsoft Word.
  • MacSpeech Dictate Deal: Save 20% on MacSpeech Dictate Software…