Best 5 Antivirus Softwares

By | May 19, 2007

Which is the best antivirus software? I keep hearing this question all the time. Whenever there is new virus alert people are worried that, they are going to be the victim of this new computer virus or spyware. Is your computer protected by the best antivirus software? One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing your antivirus software is the regular updates. Is your antivirus software provider constantly keep track of the new virus programs and spywares? Are they providing free updates to protect your PC? With lot of antivirus programs in the market it could be difficult to choose the right one for you. So I decided to write about the best antivirus softwares I came across. These are my personal opinion to help you when choosing the antivirus for your computer.

1. McAfee Antivirus
McAfee antivirus software is probably the most popular among computer users. McAfee is affordable and easy to use. They regularly update their antivirus software to make sure that, your computer is safe from all the virus and spyware attack.
McAfee AntivirusThe latest version McAfee antivirus for home users called

    McAfee Total Protection

offers 10 in protection for your computer. Following are some of the key features of McAfee total Protection.

# 10 in 1 Protection and complete online and PC security for your entire family.
# Stops Wireless Intruders, Identity Thieves, Spammers, and Predators.
# Safeguards your computer from viruses, hackers and spyware.
# Restores and backs up all your pictures, music and other important files.
# Protects your identity and online experience so you can surf the Web, shop, bank, e-mail and instant messenger safely.
# Keeps your PC healthy and secure.
# Intercepts prohibited Web sites, unwanted activity and offensive pictures to keep your family safe.
# Blocks hackers from attacking your wireless network, safeguarding your personal information and transactions.
# Automates file and printer sharing among trusted friends and family.
# Simplifies security with the new and improved McAfee® security center.
# Warns you about sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams.
# Shields your PC around the clock: always on, always updating, always protecting.
It is always better to visit to check out the latest version of mcafee antivirus software.

2. Norton Antivirus Software
Norton antivirus is available in the market for a very long time now. Norton antivirus which is offered by had won numerous awards for its top quality performance. But I often found Mcafee is able to detect new virus programs and spywares faster than Norton. In few cases I had seen Norton out performing McAfee also. You have the option of choosing the regular Norton Antivirus software or the latest Norton 360 which offers one year antivirus protection for 3 computers. Here are the key features of Norton anti virus software. Norton Antivirus
# Protection from Antivirus
# Safeguard from Antispyware
# Email scanning for spam control
# Antiphishing
# Online identity protection for safe internet usage.
# Web site authentication
# Firewall protection to protect your pc from hackers and spywares.
# Automatic backup and restore
# Regular updates
# PC performance tuneups
# Embedded support
# Rootkit detection
# Optional antispam and parental controls

3. BitDefender Antivirus v10
Bit Defender antivirus software came up on top of antivirus software reviews from many computer related websites including pcworld. The new improved version 10 of Bitdefender got many new features to keep your home computer safe. Some of the main features of this software are listed below.
Bitdefender Antivirus
Improved Proactive Detection
Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments (B-HAVE) emulates a virtual computer-inside-a-computer where pieces of software are run in order to check for potential malware and spyware behavior. This BitDefender special technology offers a new security layer that keeps the operating system of your computer safe from unknown viruses by detecting malicious pieces of code for which safe signatures have not yet been released.
The other features includes, Permanent Antivirus Protection, Peer-2-Peer and IM Applications Protection, full E-mail protection, antispyware, real-time antispyware scanning and cleaning, stops auto dialer programs, cookie control and more.
NEW Features– Rootkit Detection and Removal, Web Scanning, Privacy Protection.
Bitdefeder provides you hourly updates and 24/7 support. They also supply you a rescue CD to make sure that your data files are always safe. According to PCWorld Bitdefender is cheap and best. The only drawback for this antivirus software compared to other softwares is the slow scanning speed.
4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
During the recent years Kaspersky antivirus gained a very good reputation among users, especially computer professionals. Kaspersky Antivirus SoftwareThe Kaspersky antivirus 6.0 is their flagship product which also appeared on many antivirus reviews. I haven’t used this software personally. So I can’t give you personal opinion on Kaspersky antivirus. From what I heard from my friends, Kaspersky seems to outperform the other antivirus softwares when it comes to speed. According to PCWorld Kaspersky had the fastest response to new malware outbreaks. Also Kaspersky is now windows Vista ready.

5. F-Scure Antivirus. BESure
Another good antivirus software which appered in most of the top software list. Infact in many cases FScure antivirus is among top 3 antivirus software programs. FSecure Antivirus Most antivirus tests indicate that, Secure is solid in performance and was able to detect most of spywares and malwares. But, I have decided to rate FSecure in 5th position because of their poor interface. Majority of the home computer users are not tech savvy people. The average computer user is not comfortable with their interface. But if you are familiar with a bit advanced computer usage then go for F-Secure.

4 thoughts on “Best 5 Antivirus Softwares

  1. Ray

    Dude unfair on F-Secure. My mum uses F-Secure and anything other than email is beyond her, yet after installing I haven’t had a single phone call asking for help about error messages, re installations etc, it just works.

    Now if my mum can use it, anyone can.

  2. Software Spy Post author

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your valuable feed back. Good to know that you are happy with F-Secure. I will keep this in mind when update the site.

  3. Martin

    I do not seem to agree with you on your list, were do you leave antiviruses like avast,avg and nod32?

  4. sam

    hey ..
    i have kaspersky a.v
    What i think from the usage is that it reports any hackers IP address ,time and date..promptly when the computer is being attacked..
    The scanning speed is very fast
    In short I would suggest everybody to use Kaspersky A.V. version 6.0

    cheers to Kaspersky

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