Antivirus for Laptop

By | May 24, 2007

You can use most of the desktop antivirus softwares as your antivirus for laptop without any problem. But, some of the antivirus programs designed for PC and other desktop computers are big space hogs. That means, these antivirus softwares are going to take some considerabale space on your laptop memory. Example read this complaint from a user who installed McAfee antivirus on his laptop. Now, I am not sure if this is a problem of McAfee antivirus or the problem of his laptop. It could be even a wrong installation of antivirus in his laptop. However, it is true that softwares like McAfee full version needs lot of space. So I would suggest you to get a regular version or an internet specific version of the antivirus for your laptop, than opting for a complete all in one security program.
Here are few suggestions for antivirus for laptop computers. Some of those antivirus softwares work for both laptop and desktop. So, if you have a PC at home and a laptop, you could use the same antivirus for both.
Kaspersky Antivirus
The Kaspersky antivirus is very userfriendly and simple, yet powerful in security. Kaspersky Antivirus SoftwareIf you are beginner you love this antivirus program because it is really simple to install and use. Most of the users have similar opinion. Example, this user from US says, “At last, an anti-virus that’s easy to install and does it’s job quietly and without annoying messages…for my money, forget the others and go with this one…it’s what you want!”. If you have read the review about the top 5 antivirus software programs, you can see that Kaspersky is one among the best 5 anitvirus.
Free Anitvirus for Laptop
Are you on a low budget and looking for a free antivirus for your laptop? The answer is AVAST. This antivirus program is getting extremely popular because of its solid performance and ease of use. And above all they are offering a free version for home and laptop users for Non-commercial use. Click here to download the free antivirus for laptop and personal computers from AVAST.
Another free antivirus which you can use for your laptop computer is the AVG antivirus. They have a 30 days free trial version which you can install on your notebook and during the trial period you will get full technical support from Grisoft. Click here to download AVG antivirus. I would suggest you to regularly update your antivirus software to keep your latop safe from virus and spyware programs. Please do not hesitate to share your experience and opinions about anitvirus for laptop and personal computers through the comment form below.